Research Interests

Here, you can find more information on my research interests and the projects I am currently working on, along with some videos and posters I have prepared for various occasions.

Fusion categories and CFTs

I investigate the connection between fusion categories and conformal field theories via lattice models in one and two dimensions.

This approach is driven by the question whether there is a CFT associated to a specific fusion category, namely one that arises from the Haagerup subfactor.

If you want to know more about this, you can find my PhD thesis on the arXiv: arXiv:2101.04154

Other related publications:
The F-Symbols for the H3 Fusion Category: arXiv:1906.01322
Gauging Defects in Quantum Spin Systems: arXiv:1910.10619
Generalized string-nets for unitary fusion categories without tetrahedral symmetry: arXiv:2004.07045

Quantum Information Theory

I am interested in various aspects of quantum information theory, but especially in quantum key distribution. This is the task of establishing a secure key between two spatially separated parties that can safely be used in any cryptographic application.

Related publications:
Entanglement detection by violations of noisy uncertainty relations: arXiv:1810.05588
Robust Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution: arXiv:2005.02691

During the summer semester 2020, I have held a seminar on the security of quantum key distribution, which was held as an online seminar. The videos can be found on youtube:

Quantum Machine Learning

As machine learning is successfully used in numerous applications, there are many attempts to transfer these ideas to the realm of quantum computation. I am intereseted in designing fully quantum neural networks that are capable of processing quantum data.

Related publication:
Training deep quantum neural networks: arXiv:1902.10445

You can watch me giving a talk about our work on Quantum Neural Networks on Youtube: